Fán Dòng 凡洞 The Wordly Cave

Fán Dòng ( The Wordly Cave )

The Wordly Cave, single channel video, UHD 3840×2160, color and sound, 2017.https://vimeo.com/217775693

From Minhougeqi Village in Fuzhou, to Menorca in Spain, from the Wordly Cave in Shoguan, to the sea of Inchon, from the foot of Dafu Hill, to the Sonoran Desert. Images and reality are constructing a topologic booklet. No scripts, no stories, the light became the protagonist, the landscape became the protagonist.

Locations are linked, but please don’t forget: the cabins of the flights taking off from the Baiyun airport are entering into a 21-hour daytime. Tangerine rays fly across the islands and the seas, finally penetrate the cabin windows and pour over his left cheek. The time difference is unwound, locations are linked, yet this magical cabin of time couldn’t resolve the physical disorder in his fatigued body. A video with no time difference, is attempting to open up the other 21-hours dark night.

Here in the Worldly Cave, the Hakka people have all moved away from the place where generations of their families lived. Before the execution of the new development, all the villages on this land will soon be buried into continuous muck dunes. On the open grounds, there stocked huge piles of second-hand machines which would be resold in the southeastern countries. Estate investigation teams gathered in different groups, were talking about the potential prices of the land. After passing some huge muck dunes, between two higher muck dunes, the hunters built their sheltered pits and bird traps in the air. They tied a bee to a transparent string as it would lead them to the beehives hidden in the cracks. Fishermen even found a source of fish in the swamp that connects the groundwater. The men and women in the giant ferroconcrete caves on the clouds were still chattering about the bullfrogs from lunch.

The Wordly Cave, single channel video, UHD 3840×2160, color and sound, 2017.

The film has been presented at 2017 Venice Biennale.Viva Arte Viva – 57th International Art Exhibition   13 May—26 Nov 2017, 57th La Biennale di Venezia, Venice


从福州闽侯葛崎村,到西班牙梅诺卡岛Menorca;从广东韶关凡洞,到仁川Inchon的海面,从番禺大夫山脚,到索诺兰沙漠Sonoran Desert。影像与现实正在相互构建出一部地形手册。没有剧本,没有故事,光线和风景成为主角。



周滔  2016.03.01

2017年5月13日—11月26日.  第57届威尼斯双年展,威尼斯.